Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Randoms

Sometimes my ability to multitask impresses even me. I have read 3 books today, given myself a pedicure, given a midterm, held office hours, participated in online class discussions, talked to a student on the phone, zeroed out my work email inbox, bought Dorothy a swim suit for vacation, planned several nights of vacation dinner reservations with Ben, exercised, grocery shopped for a few popular items we're almost out of, and I am swinging by the library on my way home from work.  Phew! 

In other random news:

I am waiting for 9 students to finish taking a midterm. I didn't think that anyone would use the whole 2.5 hours, and it turns out nearly half the class is using it. Oops. 

I ate a truly delicious raw kale salad from Whole Foods for lunch today-- I highly recommend it. 

The boys and I are in the middle of Where the Red Fern Grows, and I can't wait to go home and read it-- I forgot how completely wonderful that book is. Harry and Jack are as hooked as I am. 

I am dying of thirst because I left a 1/2 gallon of Fiji water in my car. It will be nice and cold after class since it's 19 degrees outside today.  Blergh. 

Tomorrow promises to be in the 40s, and I may break out the double jogger after I take the kids to school. Dorothy is sort of dropping her morning nap, meaning I have been sort of dropping-- by which I mean rescheduling-- my morning stint on the elliptical. I am thinking about a gym membership, but it would be a better investment to just get Cooper a 4G iPad so he can watch Netflix on the stroller. Poor baby only has wifi on his iPad. I  am sort of kidding but only sort of because I like working out in my neighborhood and basement and I do not miss the general yuckiness of the gym playroom. 

7 students still writing in their blue books. 

OMG-- Dorothy can eat bagels!

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