Thursday, August 29, 2013

Welcome Week, part 10, and I have LOST 8 POUNDS!!!!

It's Welcome Week at the you dub this week.  My tenth Welcome Week since we moved here 10 years ago, my 5th since I got my current job.

Harry's first year, I only had to attend a couple of meetings as a grad student.

I didn't have to go at all in 2007 because I must have taught a different class (NO! IDEA!-- 2007 was a looooong time ago).

2008 was my first year running the meetings, and wow did I complain!

In 2009, I seemed more excited that Harry and Jack were finally roommates than I did about working full time for a week.  I think that's because we had Jamie back in the day, and we didn't have to think twice about child care.

No mention of Welcome Week in 2010, but I know I was there.  SO weird.

In 2011, I skipped it because I was mega-pregnant and SO SURE I would have an early baby.  He was a week late, BTW.

Last year, I was newly pregnant and not talking about it and totally bitchy and overwhelmed.

This year?  Holy shit, it's hard to work away from home all day.  Ben and I have ideal, primo schedules this semester, so one rough week is NBD in the grand scheme of things, but I have gotten up at 5 almost all week to work out, and I am tired.  TIRED.  (I didn't have work today because academics don't do 5-day work weeks, so I got to sleep in, but I also had a meeting in the afternoon and have been frantically emailing ALL DAY LONG.)

Dorothy does not drink bottles (never tried it-- never pumped, not planning on either one, pumps or bottles), so we needed someone to be on campus with her everyday.  And, you know, we have 3 other kids who would need a sitter if Ben were, say, on campus with me, or at work himself.  SO THANK GOD FOR MY PARENTS, who took off work and came to town Sunday-Wednesday.  They walked Dorothy all over the place in 90+ degree weather, bounced her, changed her, played with her, kept her happy while I was in meetings, and took me out to lunch.  HEAVEN.

This is the only kid pic I have taken in 4 days:
One more day of meetings!!!!  Then it's back to the slug life for me.

But not totally sluggy because I m finally losing weight again!

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