Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sick baby

If Dorothy reached a baby fashion pinnacle in her little Baby Gap lawn party dress, today, she sunk to a never-before-achieved low by wearing her PJ's out of the house.  It's been 24 hours of firsts for our little 5 month-old:  Baby's first fever!  Baby's first encounter with Tylenol! Baby' first entirely sleepless night! Baby's first sick-visit at the pediatrician's office!  Baby's first Justavirus diagnosis.  Blergh.

Not only did our ill-timed doctor visit (one mom, four kids, one exam room-- IS THERE EVER A GOOD TIME?) prevent the big boys from attending their last day of swim lessons, it also prevented Cooper from taking a damn nap which is a huge bummer because Dory's sleepless night? Was also mine.

Cooper was just at the doc on Monday with similar complaints (102-degree fever, cough, runny nose-- you know, THE SNIFFLES), but he has (knock on wood) bounced back.  Just waiting for the other 2 to get sick.  One at a time, natch, so I can look as Munchausen by proxy as possible.

I haven't taken any pictures with Dory's 5-month sticker yet because she is feverish and wearing warm jammies (sans bow, even).  But I have these:

Circles under her little eyes in the last one-- she was already sick!!


  1. LOL on Munchausen by proxy. Sorry to hear that little D is sick (oh, Dee... another sweet potential nickname).

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