Saturday, August 03, 2013

Summer Bucket List

We have been crossing items off our summer bucket list with vigor!

Dorothy is starting to sit up-- clearly that's a summer goal she set for herself.
Jack took this-- I LOVE the light
Light is screwy here, but I think these 2 look a bit alike
3 stooges-- Harry was at baseball
Getting a little fed up with tummy time
Dorothy got all dressed up in an outfit from Kate so we could go buy her a high chair (which she won't use for another 6 weeks, but you know I can't pass up a chance to go to IKEA-- can you believe she will be 6 months in 6 weeks??).
Since we were going to IKEA, we figured we'd also go to LEGO Land, firmly at the top of Harry's summer list.
They could not get enough of the LEGO people
OMFG-- Harry Potter!
There was an 11-minute 3D movie.  Cooper?  Not quite movie material.

Harry loved this lame, lame ride-- he loved EVERYTHING

Cooper loved watching the ride.
Harry bumped his head on this statue and said, "Yikes.  The president is hard."
Cooper was the same size as most of the LEGO people.
Dorothy hated this.
So cool-- there was a whole Star Wars room, even.
Even Dorothy and I liked it.
After LEGO Land we thought, oh my gosh, wouldn't it be fun to spend more than $100 for lunch at a chain restaurant? So we went to Rain Forest Cafe.  This conveniently crossed off the item eat lunch in a jungle on the kids' summer list.

Then, since we were only a few minutes away, we went to Ben's grandma's unannounced, which was great because Harry wanted to surprise a grandparent this summer.  CHECK.  Watch Jack's progression to ridiculousness in these pictures.

Yesterday, we went to a public television event to cross off another item: see a concert.  I guess Mr. Steve counts as a concert, right?
So freaking creepy.
Kids on a fire truck-- I am sure that see and touch and sit on a fire truck was on Cooper's summer list because he loves trucks so, so, so much.

Ben's such a good baby wrangler.
Pool days are on my summer list.
Ben took the big boys golfing-- another item to CHECK
She totally loves facing front
Best. Picture.  Ever.  I love that Cooper looks totally engaged and has a totally blank score.
We still have some stuff left on the list, but luckily we have NOTHING to do for the rest of the week, nothing except, you know, MAKE CHILDHOOD MAGIC.


  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

    thanks for the pictures, what a wonderful group you have (also a patient husband)

  2. The three stooges all look so much alike! And that pic of you and Dorothy w the light is great.