Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quiet Weekend

The other day, Ben did this weird thing where he went to work all day. Two days in a row. And I thought of all the moms who are alone with their children during business hours 5 days a week, and I wept for them.

We actually had a fun couple of days.  I decided I had to let a few things slide-- I picked screentime and nutrition.  The kids watched so much TV, even 3 different shows on Netflix on their respective iPads while the TV was playing something totally different, and I served them bagels and cereal for dinner on Wednesday.  But we had so! much! fun!  We even went to the pool:
Dorothy turned 5 months
She's not totally excited about it
She also, as you know, got sick!  Her first fever! And it sucked!  She didn't sleep AT ALL for two nights.  It was horrible.  HORRIBLE.  Then she slept 14 hours for 2 nights to catch up.  She seems mostly back to normal now-- runny eyes, runny nose, sneezing and coughing.  Cooper is mostly better, too, green snot and barky cough notwithstanding.

Like her sunnies?
Selfie while the boys tore the basement to shreds
Cooper is really into stacking, and he is working on not losing his shit when all of his blocks fall down.  Thanks to Daniel Tiger, he is much calmer.
Orange Leaf!  Only 40 calories an ounce!

She slept until 9:00 am on Saturday, and I was so jealous.
Adult swim is interminable.
Dorothy agrees.
She keeps trying to roll over in her bouncy.
I thought she was asleep, but then I caught a glimpse.
He ate a tiny little chocolate covered graham sample and bam!  His face looked like this.
It was lovely tonight, and all of us played outside
Everyone in his own sandbox.  No sharing over there boys!  NO SHARING!
We missed a trip to Des Moines to see Bomma due to sick baby, but we had a nice, quiet weekend at home.  Only 2 more weeks until school starts-- let;s see how many magical childhood memories we can cram in, huh?


  1. Man, I used to HATE adult swim!
    Glad D's feeling better. She looks so big in her bouncer!

  2. Gah, Charlie's been dying to go to Orange Leaf. Thank goodness he doesn't read your blog. Or does he.

    Maybe for the first day of school. Ours is next week! GAH!!!!

  3. that awake in the carrier photo kills me. Haven't been to our Orange leaf yet, but we have been to Red Mango and Cherry Berry (what's with the fruit names?) which are totally the same thing. The kids love it and will ask to go even while eating some other disgusting sugar treat. personally I'm wishing for a pinkberry.

    I gave up on nutrition and screen time long ago. And cleaning. but then, I'm one of those moms alone with the kids all day. I can't wait until we win the lottery and Brett doesn't have to work anymore