Sunday, September 01, 2013

100 Books: September Update

It appears like I haven't done a lot of reading this month, but Under the Dome is a million pages.  Or about 1100 pages.  SAME DIFFERENCE.

7.  Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult:  Meh
6.  The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult:  Meh.
5.  Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde:  This book is completely adorable.  For a little while, I made fun of it in my head, but I could not put it down for the last 100 pages or so, even though I pretty much knew what would happen.  Very Bridget Jones but also very predictable.
4.  Big Brother by Lionel Shriver: Such a thought-provoking read.  Sad, weighty.  I enjoyed every page, but it was not as fun as I thought it would be.
3.  Under the Dome by Stephen King:  If you like Stephen King, you will like this book.  Tons of characters.  Lots of gore.  Sad.  Scary.  Creepy.  Great dialogue.  But holy hell it's long, especially since all of the action takes place in like 2 weeks.
2.  Love All by Callie Wright:  I read this book in 2 hours by the pool one afternoon, and it was lovely.  I even cried a little at the end.
1.  Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster:  Again, I didn't like this book right away, but it grew on me in a big way.  It was completely HILARIOUS, and even though I knew how it would end, I could not wait to read the whole thing.  A perfect summer read.


  1. I agree on the two Jodi Picoult books. The only book I think I *really* liked of hers was Salem Falls. After that, I read several, but I'm not a super huge fan. I loved Under the Dome. Have you read Stargirl? If not, you must.

  2. I gave up on Jodi Picoult because I also kept feeling "meh" about her books. I think I just outgrew her, you know?

    I lovelovelove when you post book review time. I am stealing this idea for next year for my blog. :)