Monday, August 05, 2013

He cooks! Also, Jack is tough.

Harry set a few goals for himself on the summer list, one of which was making scrambled eggs:

I should have let him learn this when I was pregnant and lazy and Ben had night classes.  I NEVER WOULD HAVE HAD TO MAKE DINNER.  We have used 12 eggs since he did this yesterday because we had eggs for breakfast and for lunch , and they are on the menu again this morning.  Hopefully he loses interest or expands his repertoire before all the boys need cholesterol tests.

Aside from the fact that his self-picked outfit is ridiculous, this picture is testament to Jack's toughness/ inability to properly feel pain.  It was taken moments after his first bee sting, and he is stoic.  AND HE GOT STUNG ON THE HEAD.  THE MIDDLE OF HIS FOREHEAD. (He was hiding in the daisies, but he swears he wasn't bothering the bees, and I did hear what sounded like a woman scream while I was washing dishes, but that's it).

The other night, he sat down for dinner at his place across from me.  When I looked at him, I screamed and dropped my fork because his left ear was bright red and sticking straight out from his head.  I asked him to turn his head, and sure enough, there was a huge swollen lump behind his ear that was so big it was rearranging his face.  He said that he fell off the stairs of his bed and hit his ear on a toy plane.  I asked about the blood on his shirt, and he said that when he hit his head, his nose bled a little.  I asked (alarmed, natch) why he didn't say anything to his dad who was in the next room, and he said it didn't really hurt.  WHAT THE HELL?

Ben was remarking on this impressive pain tolerance after dinner and asked where Jack got it since we are both wimps.  I told him to speak for himself-- I have had 3 unmedicated child births.

 I think hockey is Jack's sport for sure.

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  1. I totally remember learning to cook scrambled eggs at this age. My kids are amazed I I let them use a butter knife, I'm way too much of a control freak for real cooking. Sophie is the tough one in our family- that kid will climb and jump off anything and she has had some bruises that are most impressive