Wednesday, August 07, 2013

365 Days of Bad Hair

I read this post of Kate's the other day, and it made me think deeply about my hair.  Don't YOU think deep thoughts about your hair?  I was really struck by the idea that this might be my last chance before I am 40 to have long long long (age inapproriately long) hair.  So, I swapped my cut and color appointment for a bang trim, got my blunt bangs thinned and angled so they'll grow out better, and THAT'S IT.  I am not touching my hair again for 12 months because I think I get it trimmed too much and that's why it never makes it past this awkward just-past-the-shoulders phase.

12 months.

And since I have been having such incredibly deep thought about my hair, I have decided to take awkward mirror selfies EVERY DAY and 8-6-14, I will make them into a cool time lapse movie of my hair growing.  NEXT I WILL MAKE A TIME LAPSE VIDEO OF PAINT DRYING.  IT WILL BE AWESOME.

8-6-14, by the way, will our 9th anniversary.  For our 8th anniversary, we made a kickass dinner after the kids went to bed: shrimp cocktail, lobster tail, filet, garlic green beans, pinot, black forest cake.  It was great.  Also great?  Eating after the kids go to bed.  We love family dinners, but we're going to try to have 2 in-house dates a week.
 OMG!  Muy first awkward mirror selfie!  (Don't worry-- I am not going to post them everyday because THAT would be nuts-- this?  Not nuts at all, right?  I mean, doesn't everyone care as deeply about the minutia of my hair growth as I do?  OF COURSE THEY DO)
 I was trying to take a cute picture of adorable Dorothy at swim lessons, but I couldn't see a damn thing because Apple products suck in the sun, but I totally lucked out and got this precious elbow dimple.
 The boys have been pestering us to eat at a college cafeteria, so today we did just that.  They got their trays and filled them with pizza, chips, and onion rings and ranch dressing, probably what they will eat in 11  (Harry) or 13 (Jack) years when they're in college. 
 And since we were already on campus, we had the WORLD'S BEST ICE CREAM at the Union.

 They were so sticky.
 Jack's outfit.  Holy shit.
 He wanted to put his blocky little feet in the lake.
Speaking of blocky little feet-- how adorable are these baby TOMS???
Okay, I am off to stare at my hair in the mirror and take weird pictures.  Last night, I used so much coconut oil on my ends that fruit flies were following me around.  THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR EVER.


  1. I had a time where I was going to grow my hair out for the last time. Then my hair girl said it took her three years to get hers grown out. I said never mind, I can't make that kind of commitment - it would take me 3 years to get to your current length - so short it stays.

    I haven't seen yours down in quite a while, so I had no idea it was so long!!! I think it looks great now. :) And I like the time lapse videos - have you seen the one of the girl who took pictures for like 5 years?

  2. I was surprised by how long yours is too. Are you going for waist length? You might try taking folic acid. It always makes my hair and nails grow.

  3. When I wanted my hair to grow out quickly, my hairdresser told me to take a prenatal vitamin and get 1/4 inch trimmed every 8-10 weeks. Otherwise by the time my hair grew as long as I wanted it, she thought the ends would be so yucky and split that I'd want to cut off at least two inches. BUT I also color my hair, so that causes damage and split ends. I think your hair is gorgeous so I wish you much luck! (And I hear you on wanting long hair in your 30s.)

  4. Your hair looks good, and I totally want to hear about all the minutiae because that makes my obsession over my own hair seem normal. I wish I had been taking photos everyday, but then again I don't because oh, the horror. I'd like to make a year commitment like this, but I was planning on cutting it next spring- maybe a 6 month commitment, lol.