Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Broadway Baby

Harry has spent the past 8 weeks taking a Saturday morning Broadway theater class, and last night, he had his summer-ending performance. He was so excited he could hardly believe it because after many Saturdays in a cool rehearsal space downtown above a bar they were preforming in a real theater on a real stage which meant-- wait for it-- he GOT TO GO BACK STAGE. Yep, that was what he was looking forward to the most.

They wore dress up clothes to perform a song from Annie

Looking contemplative-- they also worked on ACTING
Not sure what was going on here.
Or here.  I think they were singing "Corner of the Sky" with their costumes still on.
I spent much of the 20-minute performance chasing that guy.
Love the dancing
Harry's fan club
This was his solo in "My Favorite Things" which we do not have on video because some asshole let their toddler run around shrieking.  Coooper was quiet, and you better believe it that the minute he wasn't quiet, I was going to get him the hell out of there before he ruined someone's preshus memory, damnit. 
Harry with his teacher

Dorothy was really helpful
Oh, Mr. Cooper.
Found this in my purse (shut up, sometimes my blood sugar gets low), and it was the perfect thing to keep Cooper happy. And ruin my white skirt.  Also, the problem with subduing your toddler with chocolate is that eventually the chocolate kicks in, you know, and the subduing part goes out the window.  But, since the show was only 20 minutes, a candy bar was an ideal tool.
In other news:

I remember that by 6 months, Cooper had a nap schedule firmly established for himself.But I don't remember HOW that happened. Dorothy's naps are totally hit or miss. Mostly miss. And it is starting to drive us all craaaaaaaazy.  Good thing she's adorable.

Also, my allergies are KILLING ME. KILLING ME. I am not taking any allergy meds because I generally don't take anything even Tylenol while breastfeeding because damned if I went through DAYS of natural labor to ingest a bunch of shit now (WINE DOES NOT COUNT), but I may have to rethink that stance because I look terrible all the time.

I work next week.  Like the whole most of the week.  Woe is me.   WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR (besides a bobby pin in my bangs-- so, so dreamy)?

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  1. I make Ebeth take a spoonful of local honey a day and her allergies are almost non existent now!! She shall do this for the rest of her life everywhere we move!!

    Also, I stinking heart your kids. :)