Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer school is getting in the way of summer

Only 3 days left counting today!  Which is good because I don't think my office can take much more.  It is a DISASTER.  Disaster, disaster, disaster.
So many crazy teetering stacks of paper.  So many poorly labeled campus mail envelopes.  The boxes of textbooks!  The bottle of sparking grape juice!  The DVD on the floor because THERE'S NO PLACE ELSE TO PUT IT!  What you can't see in this picture is the huge box of stuff I need to shred (you sort of can-- it has another campus mail envelope and a bluebook sticking out of it. You also can't see my overflowing bookshelf with row after row of shit that stretches to the ceiling or my file cabinet which is so full of crap (I typed carp there and cracked myself up for a few minutes before I fixed it-- can you imagine if I had a file cabinet full of fish-- ha!) I cannot put any of the teetering piles of paper away.  What I need to do is come to campus and shred about 95 pounds of paper one of these days  But, is that something a sane person does?  Leave the kids at home to drive 30 minutes to campus and sit in the front office and shred shit?  It seems like such a pain in the ass, which is why I never do it, which is why I am in this mess.  MY DESK DRAWERS WON'T SHUT.  I have reached a critical moment here.

In other summer news:

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  1. Looks awesome. Except the giant stacks of grading, of course! I am starting to appreciate summer more now that I have two kids who aren't intent on killing themselves in the pool. Next year will be so easy!