Monday, June 11, 2012

Harry's birthday party!

Harry took his birthday party weekend very seriously. He examined every single birthday hat at Party City before he found this crown
Oh! And this little guy is 9 months old. Nine months! He's been out as long as he was in-- crazy to think about.

Jack was adorable while Harry opened his presents-- he was Harry's little shadow for sure

Everyone ate outside despite the heat and the hill and the kids talking about where in the backyard they like to pee 

Except my dad who ate by himself in the kitchen
Then we went to our favorite birthday place, the Little Gym and partied with Harry's kindergarten friends

 Midway through the party, the kids started  to attack Ben, which was pretty awesome

The air track is always fun, but I almost fell off of it with the baby.

How sweet and serious is he?

Hard to believe that little Harry is almost 6 (on Flag Day) and that tomorrow is his last day of kindergarten. Sunrise, sunset.


  1. Happy birthday Harry! I was just thinking that I'm pretty sure six is going to be one of my favorites.

  2. sabrina10:24 AM

    I. Love. Your. Dad.

  3. So fun! Six sounds so huge, doesn't it? Happy Birthday Harry!

  4. Shut UP! My end of kindergarten post was totally going to have the whole "sunrise sunset" thing going for it. Get out of mah head!!! :-)

    Happy birthday to Harry! His birthday looks like so much fun!