Thursday, June 14, 2012


In honor of Harry's 6th birthday today (his SIXTH birthday? WTH? 6 seems so old to me), I have series of then and now pictures from this school year, you know, just to tap into my overwhelming sense of nostalgia on my oldest son's 6th (SIXTH?) birthday.

Because, really, it seems like only yesterday that my brother was in town to baby sit my 36-weeks-pregnant self while Ben was on a business trip and my water broke sit com style, and Ben had to rush home from Minneapolis to attend the birth.

You know what else seems like yesterday? Harry's first day of school-- he was so little and nervous. Tuesday, he had his last day of school, and as you can see, he was large and joyful, full of kindergarten confidence.
First day of school
Last day of school
First day of school

Last day of school

You know who else has changed? Jack. Here he is walking to pick Harry up on the first day of school:
And here he is on the last day:
And wow has our family changed in the last 9 months!
 It's been a big year. 

See how little and scared he was standing outside school on the first day?
And he was so happy and covered with stars his friends made on the last day:

Little/big Harry has already opened his presents and eaten some chocolate cake for breakfast.  He and I are going out for a super fancy lunch at Olive Garden (his pick), and we'll hit our favorite birthday place for dinner, with plenty of pool time in the middle.  An excellent day for a 6 year old.
With the gift Jack got him-- Jack is proud


Becca said...

Amazing!! Sounds like a great birthday day!! Happy birthday to Harry.

Kim said...

Olive Garden was Allie's pick for her 6th birthday also. What is that??? :)

sarah said...

Its amazing how much changes in a school year!!! And six (We've been in the midst of 6 for almost 2 months and it still blows my mind).

Happy birthday to Harry!

Snarkymommy said...

Happy birthday, Harry!

newyorktrolleycompany said...
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