Monday, June 04, 2012

Picture blitz

Harry's Little Gym karate class had their big show today.  Harry was a little bored waiting by the "watching wall."

SO serious on is blue polkadot

Cooper was as easy going as ever

Harry's big bar routine

Jack cant wait for his own show at his class later this week

Harry broke this board on the first try
The sound of the breaking boards made Cooper jump

And then he cracked up.  Every time.

3 boy in a row

Harry's so stoked about this trophy with his name on it. Jack will have to pull it out of his cold deads.


Harry was so proud of this Lego rocket
Jack got so cold and purple at the pool that he could not stop shaking and had to take a hot shower.

He LOVES the pool!

Awesome new self-serve fro-yo place opened by us

The kids had tons of fun picking out really weird flavor combos (like Harry with passion fruit yogurt, chocolate sauce, Oreos and cherries and Jack with, um, a little of everything.


  1. Looks like a great summer so far! Jack has grown up so much!

    We have an Orange Leaf too and it is awesome. I do Wedding Cake with brownies. I want to go right now, but we have to wait until Sunday and can only go then if Wes doesn't suck his thumb all week.

  2. Love it! How does Harry like the karate at LG? We're thinking about it for fall.