Friday, June 01, 2012


My hard drive crashed and died on Tuesday night. Everything froze while I was trying to upload pictures before bed (the very pictures you see below), and I turned the computer off with the power button, and it never turned back on. When the Genius Bar at the Apple store told me my drive was screwed and gave me the contact information for a data recovery place on the east side, I figured I should buy a new computer, but my brother and the sales guy told me I was nuts because a new awesome Macbook is rumored to be coming out within weeks. I got a new hard drive instead, but when I went home to restore it from my last Time Machine back up (3 months ago because I suck at backing my shit up), NOTHING appeared to be on the backup drive. I ugly cried for a while and then called Apple where a nice guy on the phone helped me figure out it was an operating system update issue (Snow Leopard is too snooty to talk to Leopard or something like that). So, issue resolved with another trip to the Genius Bar, and I am only missing some iPhotos from 2-24 through 4-15-- a minor tragedy, but probably not worth the $600-800 price tag the data recovery place quoted me. Also, Time Machine? Is freaking awesome. It doesn't just back up your files, it also takes a snap shot of your whole computer, so all the programs I have installed are back and everything (which is good because my optical drive is broken, so I am not sure how I'd get them back...) Because I was distracted at the Apple store (Jack), I got the same size hard drive when I should have gotten a bigger one, and my computer is running just as slow and shitty as ever. Phew! (By some miracle, I backed up my summer class on a zip drive and created my lectures in Keynote and put them all on my iPad-- otherwise I would be SCREWED). Speaking of, I slept with Cooper tucked under my arm from 3-6:40 this morning, (delightful and cuddly) but my alarm was supposed to go off at 5:43 because I was so tired I fell into bed last night without even washing my face let alone taking a shower, so the last thing I should be doing is typing this...
And just like that, my hair's moment is over.  See Coop?  He's like, dude, you need to use a comb , lady.

Monkey wannabes, actually.

OMG!  The chicken came first!

So messy!  The messiest dinner ever!

But he got to try cheese and he;s a Wisconsin baby, so he LOVED it


  1. I had a computer meltdown earlier this spring and I freaked the freak out. Scary. I should backup more often.

    Yay for cuddly babies!

  2. (nodding vehemently) Backing up is important, yes. As my little lost calendar and I can attest.

  3. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I'm searching for a good comfy baby carrier and noticed the pic. What kind is it? Comfy? Thanks!!!

    Long time blog stalker but never commenter!
    Mommy of two in Illinois

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  5. This was quite a day for you. I understand the sudden rush of emotions that you felt. Everyone just has one of those days. Your computer crashed and your backup system failed to retrieve your files? I'd also be throwing a hissy fit! This is why it's vital that we have at least 2 copies of the same document at all times. One for the original, and a backup copy stored in a physical external drive or hidden away somewhere in cloud storage. Some may find it a redundant process, but it's guaranteed that you'll almost never throw a fit over a corrupted document ever again.

    --> Ruby @