Sunday, April 29, 2012

Completely not fun

Friday night, as I was tucking Harry into bed he asked what our Saturday plans were. I told him we were going sink and tile shopping, and he looked up from the book of tracing and mazes he works on every night as he waits to fall asleep and listens to Jack snoring beneath him.

"That sounds completely not fun," he said. "Not fun at all," he repeated, in case I didn't hear him.

And you know what?

With that kind of attitude, it sure wasn't.

I mentioned that our floors are being replaced, right?  Well they're not the only thing that's screwed up in this house.  Our kitchen cabinets aren't level, so the counter top slopes toward the floor, meaning any water we get on the counter slops down the fronts of the cabinets and onto the floor.  NOT COOL.  Not cool at all.  The bottom-side of the counter top is totally ruined all around the sink (and random other places).  At first, the builder wanted to have the counter top guys come and sand down the bottom of the counters and seal them, but we freaked out.  Then they discovered that the counters weren't level, and now the cabinet people have to come in and fix the cabinets (replacing some fronts and leveling them all); then we'll get a new piece of counter.  We went back and forth with the warranty department about the counters because we wanted to chuck the old ones and get new ones, with an upgraded surface (we totally HATE our counters), but we decided to keep the old ones for now (well, new counters, but the same pattern/surface).  So, we're getting a back splash and a new kitchen sink (I hate our kitchen sink) and, you know, floors.

Such a pain in the ass, right?  Right.  Expect lots more complaining as the date draws near, and I have to take everything out of my kitchen cabinets and not use the main floor of my house for a couple of days.  Bah.

And now!  With no segue!  Cooper!  In a  diaper!
Doesn't he look like he's going to move any second?  Totally misleading; he just flops forward and slithers on his tummy.

He's totally judging me

I love how round he is-- round head, round face, round nose, round eyes, round eyebrows.

2 great things about this picture: his fat, fat knee and the eye lashes on his little shadow

Where did his lips go?


  1. Such a cutiepie!

  2. Is there a way to make sink and tile shopping fun? Though new kitchen does sound fun, eventually.

    Love the eyelash shadow!

  3. Julie2:21 PM

    He is so absolutely adorable, that I can't stand it!

  4. I would be so pissed to be dealing with all of these issues in a brand new house - but at least you are getting to fix stuff you hate!

    Cooper is too cute!

  5. Look at that cute baby!

    Also, we live in a 130-year-old house -- NOTHING is level. It's really fun for the kids when they play cars in the kitchen, though.

  6. Cooper is really cute -- I love baby feet!

    I vote hardwood floors, not laminate. Hardwood can be repaired if it is damage or just worn many years from now. Laminate you pretty much have to tear out and replace (like we did after our water loss, ugh).

    Have you seen any kitchen sinks that are just one bowl? I have a huge one -- I think it's 18 inches deep or so, and just has a garbage disposal. It is awesome because it easily fits all my huge pans, and if I'm in a pinch, I can hide almost an entire dishwasher full of dirty dishes out of site!