Tuesday, April 10, 2012

7 months yesterday

Here's Harry at 7 months, and here's Jack at 7 months.  I think Cooper looks more like Harry than Jack but mostly like his own adorable bald, toothless little self.  I love his paroxysms of joy and his smile that splits his little face in two and the wheezing intake of breath he makes when he smiles it.


  1. Tripod8:31 AM

    Looking at the last pic, I think Cooper's features are like Jack's, but his face shape & eyes are like Harry's! They are all so cute! But I am prejudiced!

  2. He looks like a happy little guy! And he is growing so fast (as is AJU7 - how can it be 7/8 months already)? And they all three definitely look like brothers. It will be interesting to see how close they look in 5-10 years!