Sunday, April 15, 2012


Yesterday, Ben took Jack to campus to do some speech stuff because Jack will sit quietly an stare at an iPad for as long as he is allowed, making him a perfect take to work child. Harry and Cooper and I decided to test our immunities at the Children's museum.
I accidentally took this picture of Cooper trying to rip my glasses off my face, but I like it because this is him in the Ergo, doing what he does.

Harry needed to stop at Walgreens for a bag of tooth-rotting candy and some giant Bucky Badger sunglasses.  Essentials. (He already had the old man hat)

Giant hamster wheel.  Wish the kids had one of these in their room.

Proud of his recycled art that he left for others to enjoy.

All he wanted to do was wash the paint wall, which is weird because at home, all he wants to do is make a freaking mess.

Making me a germy felt pizza

Cooper kicked it in the Ergo and played with his pacifier

This 3-week-old lamb was so cute, Harry couldn't help but talk baby talk to it.  He said, "Oh, aren't you so fuzzy wuzzy little lambie?"  Flash forward 2 hours to us standing at the Whole Foods butcher counter where I ordered lamb chops and Harry stared at me with horror and revulsion.  Jack loves lamb, by the way.  He kept asking for more of the sheep chicken.

View from the rooftop

His view was way better

Coop ate oatmeal, but Harry and I were thrilled to find our favorite pizza place in the museum lobby.  It replaced a total lamesauce kiddie cafe.

Piloting this half plane very seriously

getting his hair did

Harry joined this other random kid dancing to this guy's music.  Then he called Radio Disney and talked about how he just "jammed out."

I never get to take Harry out without Jack. We had a lovely time.


  1. it always amazes me how different the kids are when you get to take them out one at a time. I get one on one time with Izzy and Sophie a lot - I'm looking forward to next year when Sophie starts preschool and I'll get to spend time with Jack by himself

  2. My kids are SO GOOD when I take them out individually! Weirdos. Looks like a really fun day!

  3. The view of that dude ain't half-bad, either!