Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jack is 4!

Our little Jack turned 4 yesterday, and today, we took him to the pediatrician for his well-child check and surprised him with vaccines! Surprise! He hated the shots and pronounced them hurty. Saturday, he rounds out his birthday celebration with a class party, meaning he will have had 3 separate 4-year-old parties if you count yesterday's Jack-centered day. He had cake for breakfast, took cupcakes to school, made a trip to the toy store with me after school, honed in on Harry's playdate, and had a birthday dinner at our favorite birthday-happy bar.

Delicious!  And organic!  And still from a box!  (Made my own icing, though)
Harry was jamming to Jack's singing balloon.  Jack could not wait to play with his new fire station

Cooper had no clue what was going on.  He knew it was unusual to visit the toy room before breakfast.

Such a happy little elf

No trick candles this time

Dinner at the birthday place

With his bottomless milk mug

Harry does not fool around or pose for pictures when there is a tiny sundae to eat.

Riding his new bike

Cooper creeped all the way over to the dresser so he could eat the knobs.

Cooper likes to drum, just like Harry did when he was little:


  1. happy birthday Jack!

  2. Happy birthday to Jack!!

    Aren't kids on bikes the best thing ever?

    The knob eating cracked me up!!

  3. Michelle M.12:53 PM

    happy birthday Jack! So glad you all are feeling better!