Sunday, April 08, 2012

Passover/Easter/a birthday for Jack

Harry and Jack waiting for Uncle Jon with signs.  Harry's said "Uncle Jon how are you doing good I can count to 100 we are going to the zoo."

So we went to the zoo.

Jon and the kids and Ben dyed eggs
We set a pretty table for the family


Had an egg hunt for the kids

What, didn't your eggs have mustaches inside?

Hung a pinata for Jack's birthday (which is not until next week, but we combined family celebrations)

Ben and I were surprised to find that everyone else was freezing cold-- we didn't even think about coats

My dad scares Cooper

A lot

Both Harry and Jack spilled their milk first thing
Lots of eating

Jack was so excited about his cake

He tried to blow out the candles

And tried

And tried
But they were trick candles, and he was sad and disappointed in himself for not extinguishing them
Fortunately, he has presents to open

And everyone rejoiced
Cooper even sat near my dad for a minute

Jon passed out

The kids woke early this morning for a bleary egg and basket hunt

We hung around and adored Cooper and flew kites and ate leftovers

And of course put the baby in a basket

We miss Jon already!


  1. What a FUN weekend! The way you combine celebrations and families is so wonderful!

  2. Anonymous9:32 AM

    looks like so much fun, wish I had been there, but know my love was..Bomma

  3. I had a blast!! I miss you guys too.

  4. Tripod9:28 PM

    We DO miss Jon! Great wrap up of a fun celebration!

  5. I find the picture of Cooper's terror of your dad hilarious!!! Julia used to silently judge our family members with a look of total disgust on her face at that age.