Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Last weekend, my mom

and my brother came to visit

and they brought a bunch of stuff for Harry and Jack, including some pretty awesome novelty candy from my dad's store. harry loved eating these creepy little lightening bugs that glowed when he pinched them with the special tweezers. I made him a lovely organic lunch on Saturday, in fact, and he eschewed it in favor of gummy bugs. Neat.

My mom and brother and I went shopping on Friday night, and I moped around Forever 21 while they both bought tons of stuff. I went home all sulky and disillusioned because before I went to the mall, I thought my boyfriend jeans, hoodie, and beat up Pumas looked cute, but in the middle of sequins and flounced skirts and cool open-toed heels with tights, I felt like a frumpy old mom. I was so overwhelmed by all the new styles (and I haven't bought any clothes since August and even then it was just a pair of boyfriend jeans and a T-shirt from Old Navy and some socks from the $1 bin at Target, all of which I was rocking at the mall.

To make matter worse, my hair which I thought I dyed back to brown is turning red again. Blurgh.

Saturday we went back to the mall (after Ben and my mom took the kids to Toys R Us and bought them whatever they wanted-- Santa is going to have a hell of a time finding anything they don't already have, and 8 nights of Hanukkah? We'll have to be creative), so Ben could buy shoes, and I forced myself to try on an armload of clothes at H&M-- and miracle of miracles, they all fit (thanks mom!) and I came home refreshed and updated. I even found a flouncy skirt, tights, and open-toed heels in my very own closet.

So you can all breathe a sigh of relief that I have solved my latest sartorial conundrum. Even my husband Ben (not to be confused with my brother Ben) found a polo and a sweater vest, and hell has to freeze over for that guy to buy himself any item of clothing.

Oh my holy hell. If you think this is boring, WAIT FOR NABLOPOMO!

After my mom and my brother went home, we decided to carve our pumpkin and paint our teeny pumpkins (because they were all starting to smell a little not so fresh, if you know what I mean (I have no idea why I wrote that last bit-- it's not like we douched them or anything) (geez. not funny. I need to quit while I am ahead today) (also, good thing I have a bunch of writing to do today because clearly, I am UNSTOPPABLY BRILLIANT))

Hard to get good pictures because our deck is teeny tiny teeny (more of a balcony really) and because Harry and Jack were little zombies who just wanted to nom pumpkin brains

Washable finger paints? Not the best at covering pumpkins

Totally awesome for baby hair, though

I am at work right now (shut up), and this picture just makes me want to nom his little face off (not in a zombie way)

Brandishing a hunk of pumpkin eye

ZOMBIES! (was that funny? 3 is funny, right? kumquat).

For realz. Drink up, man.

Jack was an unstoppable pumpkin scraper. Jack the scraper.

Then they took a bath to wash off the paint, but they both lost their shit, so I had to let them take the paint in the tub which totally defeated the purpose of the bath and gave Jack a wicked cheek rash. WINNER!

On Sunday we played hooky from housework and went to the zoo because who knows when we'll have another 55 and sunny weekend around here. This seemed like a good idea until we actually got to the zoo and saw that it was Trick or Treat and had to go home and get costumes (also, it did not seem like a good idea at 10:30 when Ben and I were still cleaning the house. Boo.) ( But oh my god Curb was funny Sunday night, huh?)
Here's Jack in the ducky costume Harry wore on his 2nd Halloween

Harry as Mr. Incredible wearing the costume my mom and dad got him for dress up (we are saving their actual costumes for the festivities later this week/weekend)

Harry's incredible muscles

The incredibly ridiculous trick or treat line that we waited in for an hour because Harry would not be dissuaded even though I said he could trick or treat the candy aisle at Target until he passed out from all the sugar if only he would let us leave.

Jack loved reading the brochures that some of the booths were handing out instead of candy (the Cave of the Mounds booth was handing out rocks. ROCKS? Are you kidding me? Who gives kids ROCKS in their candy buckets???)

Once the line started to move, Harry went to like 3 booths and then almost fell asleep standing up,

so we finally got to leave. At home, he ate a tiny box of strawberry Nerds candy by impossibly small candy and told us Nerds are his favorite because they are "reawwy sour."

And now you know absolutely everything about my weekend. Lucky you.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    oh how wonderful the memories you are making....Bomma

  2. Looks like fun! Paint in the hair is the BEST! It's spooky how much Jack looks like Harry in the duck costume!

  3. This post made me laugh. Rambling posts are fun to read :)

    And kids demanding things - oh the story of our lives these days. You let them do something fun once and then they demand to do it again and again and again and again...

  4. You are brilliant today. I guess the kids in that line are too young to go all Charlie Brown "I got a rock" on those uber-cool geology people. Do they still show the Great Pumpkin on TV at all anymore? Can I get it on DVD? Is it not a Halloween tradition worth preserving?

  5. It's on tomorrow, Misty! CBS, I think