Thursday, October 15, 2009

On second thought, the $8 mascara is not so bad and other things I like about budgeting.

Really, the biggest thing I like about living more frugally than usual is watching the balance in our savings account rise. Also, clipping coupons from the Sunday paper is kind of fun. And, I got really excited when Whole Foods had a BOGO sale on Pirate's Booty last weekend. Otherwise? My shopping fingers are itchy. We might do our Hanukkah shopping on Friday night just to buy SOMETHING. And, yeah. We're like 10 days into a money makeover and planning a shopping spree, which, we know, is like rewarding weight loss with a bacon double cheeseburger.

On a whiny note, this rainy weather is screwing with ballet flat season. Fall is my only possible cute shoe season, as I spend summer in sandals, winter in Uggs and spring in galoshes. Mom hag.


  1. Ugh. I so totally feel you on the rain=no cute flats issue. I honestly don't know what to wear on my feet lately! I don't have waterproof footwear for fall! And my galoshes are so awesomely overdecorated that I only have a handful of outfits that work.

    It's a problem.

  2. I have three new fall sweaters that I am dying to wear but it is EIGHTY DEGREES! AGAIN! I want it to be fall and stay that way. I couldn't resist wearing my new scarf today. But I wore it with a t-shirt and a short skirt. It's an ironic scarf, I guess.

  3. Luckily, I hate buying things. I don't mind shopping one bit - but I spend forever trying to decide if something is worth the money - especially if the item is for me. I blame my dad for that... But I love Christmas shopping! It is fun to buy toys!

  4. I love clipping coupons, I just never use them. LOL