Thursday, October 15, 2009

Helicopter Dad

Harry's class went to the hospital today to tour the med flight helicopter. Jack and I were not invited. Well Jack was not invited, and he and I are pretty much a pair.

So Ben helped escort Harry and his cute little classmates on their very first field trip.

I think they had fun.

Ben said Harry asked his teachers no fewer than 4 times when it would be time for snack. It didn't even seem like they were planning to have snack-- even Harry commented on the paper cups instead of the glasses they normally use. But they found some graham crackers in a cabinet probably because our kid was so damn hungry.

Oh! The pilot's name was Gil, and Harry keeps calling him Guilt-- cracks me up every time.


  1. Haha Guilt! What a COOL field trip! And a great view from the helipad.

  2. Those kids look so well behaved. I guess they really liked the helicopter (that or they were scared into submission).