Friday, August 22, 2008

We've been busy

See how busy?

Jack is exhausted from all the busy, in fact.

Okay, so here's our week:

Monday-- hung out with Uncle Jon-- I have pictures, I swear

Tuesday-- I took both boys to the mall in a futile attempt to buy myself fall clothes. We all cried a little in the H&M dressing room-- me because they were so ridiculously ill-behaved, not because of the clothes. I am actually a size I can stomach, so I'll try shopping again tomorrow. By myself. Also, I think I need slightly more grown up clothes, as I am now an old woman. Also, also-- PEGGED JEANS? Really? They're not the thing for little round people, you know.

Edited to Add:Forgot the second stupidest thing I did all week! I was so stressed from my taxing day of shopping! and going to coffee shops! and signing Jack up for Little Gym! and making deli sandwiches for dinner! that I wasn't paying attention when I pulled the car into the garage, didn't pull it up far enough, and scratched the hell out of the bumper with the garage door. My brand new, only-has-123-miles-on-it car. Boo.

Wednesday-- Okay seriously. Not a good day. The absolute stupidest thing I did all week: On my way out the door to take Jack to his well-baby visit, I put his car seat on the floor between the washer and the dryer so I could take clothes out of the dryer and put wet ones in. A bra fell on Jack, and he started playing with it, and I thought Phew! Good thing he didn't burn himself on the clasp. Then I pulled his little gray hoodie out of the dryer and tossed it on his lap. He let out a horrific scream-- and now he has a huge, blistered burn in the exact shape of a zipper pull. Awesome. Then I had to go to school for a couple of hours, and Ben took Jack to work with him. I had a nasty run-in with the copy machine and some really old 3 hole-punch paper, making me late to take Harry to the zoo to play with Erica, late to meet a TA and give her some textbooks (oh my god-- so many boxes of textbooks in my office and everyday when I get to campus, there's another stack waiting for me in the mail room. It's like I have standing order with the book supplier.), late to pick Harry up from the zoo-- you get the idea. And when I got to the zoo, Erica said, "Is it true that Ben is allergic to cats?" proving that Harry is the weirdest toddler I know. He asked us for a cat 3 weeks ago, and we were like "Ew! No! Uh, I mean sorry, sweetie, Daddy is allergic to cats-- they make his eyes itch." Harry accepted this information sadly, and then he filed it away in his memory lock box and has since trotted it out a couple of odd times. Like the other day at the gym a nice old man said hi to him, and Harry replied, "Harry no get a cat! Daddy's eye itch!" Also, I didn't take a nap for the first time all summer and had a hard time keeping my eyes open past 3:30. Finished my day of A plus parenting with McDonald's for dinner.

Thursday-- Left both the kids with Jamie for practice, and Jack drank a bottle of breast milk-- yay! I decided I could conquer the copy machine and tried to make my own copies because I should be competent like that, right? Wrong. Very wrong. Was again very late. Also very sweaty. But I can now fix a paper jam, which is good because apparently, my very presence causes the paper to get stuck, as if I make the machine as nervous as it makes me.

Today, I am going to go to the gym and am maybe possibly getting dressed.

Tomorrow, I am using that stash of breast milk in the fridge, so I can go the the spa for a mani, pedi, and hair cut (which is good because my bangs totally obscure my eyes). I might also get a massage. Oh! AND I am going shopping for myself by myself. Heaven. I guess pumping is not as bad as I thought! Except, you know, that it totally sucks (ha! sucks!)
And that, Katie, is why I have been slacking on the blog. Blech.

As if the pictures of Harry on the potty weren't enough for this mommy blog, here are some 4 month stats and useless weight trivia: Jack weighed 14 pounds, 6 and 3/4 ounces, and he was 26 inches long. At 4 months, Harry weighed 14 pounds 7 ounces and was only 25.25 inches long. This s the second time they have weighed the exact same amount (both were 11 pounds 6 ounces at 2 months), but Jack is still way taller. Also my fears that Jack is too skinny were poo-pooed by the doctor and his nurse, who both said to hold off on solids until 6 months, which was our plan anyway because solids are a big mess. And I got a nasal spray flu vaccine-- way better than a shot, huh?


  1. Why do copy machines always jam? Luckily I became a pro at the ones at work a few years ago. I think I had to unjam them for myself or someone else at least twice a week until AJU5 was born!
    And I am impressed you get clothes out of the dryer while they are still hot. I am lucky to get them out within 24 hours most of the time...

  2. One time during my internship we were getting ready to host a big conference and working nonstop and the printer jammed and made this horrible noise and started spitting out little pieces of accordian shaped paper. The IT guy found me sitting in front of it on the floor giggling so hard I had tears in my eyes. I guess the stress finally got to me. I'm laughing now just thinking about it.

    Your week sounds CRAZY! I think a spa day is a perfect use of your breast milk stash.

    Also, I will be joining you in still wearing boot cut jeans. There is no need to make my hips look any bigger than they already are.

  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    For the record, this blog is my required reading assignment and frankly that is a compliment! Get your butt back home to Illinois soon!

  4. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Back in the days of my Bradley secretary job, most of the faculty were total copier and fax machine jinxes. Paul Gullifor swears it's the PhD; once you get your academic papers, blank papers start hating you. Chalk it up to your wild success. My love to your boys!