Saturday, August 23, 2008


Who knew we had these beautiful gardens right here in our town??

We went to see a butterfly exhibit, but I freaked out when we saw a sign that advised people exiting the indoor garden to do a "butterfly shake" to make sure moths and butterflies didn't try to leave on your person or in your bags. Ew. As if. I thought it would be better if I left than if I stayed in the room and screamed and swatted rare butterflies.

Ben took pity on me (and also, he acts all macho, but he totally hates to push the stroller all by himself) and did a quick walk through of the indoor garden before suggesting we take our pale little children into the harsh daylight to see plants growing outside. Riveting.

I so wish this would have said "Some Pig." Instead, it just made me want to whip out the central vac.

How much more fun is forward facing in the Bjorn??

Pasty, huh?

You would not believe how much crap we carry in this stroller. I'm actually glad the storage basket is so small. I don't know what the hell we'd carry underneath a Graco. A mini fridge and a microwave?

Harry will not leave the house without his snack trap full of fishies. Like, he won't even go outside and get the paper without them.

If you lok really close, you can see Jack's toes peeking around the side.

Oh look. A badger. What a surprise.

This is what whining looks like

I need one of those backpack harnesses.

Ben and I used to be like really good at taking a self portrait because Ben has such freakishly long arms, but lately, it's hard to dqueeze us all into the frame, which may be some sort of metaphor or may just mean we need to depend on the kindness of strangers little more often.


  1. It's not a fun family event without whining is it? Looks like a nice time.

  2. It's not a fun family event without whining is it? Looks like a nice time.

  3. Looks like a fun trip! I could handle the butterflies and possibly the moths, but the others would freak me out too!
    And yes, you can store a huge amount of stuff under a Graco stroller - that is why I love it so much (well, except for putting it int he car...).

  4. Anonymous10:37 AM

    A very bright spot in a sort of down day...thanks again for helping me through laundry etc, Bomma