Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Many Faces of Jack. Well, One Face. Many Times.

Okay, really, I know I should not put such a ridiculous picture of myself on the internet (I wake up with lunch lady hair and the eyes of a much older woman), but seriously, LOOK AT JACK. He always looks like this in pictures. Cracks me up. He and I had just opened our eyes from a restful night's slumber-- if by restful, I mean waking every 3 hours to eat and pass gas and check on the Olympics.

See? That face again.

And again-- only this time he's showing off his fuzzy orange widow's peak (thanks, Dad, for the Eddie Munster hair gene)

Once more-- this time at swim lessons (where Harry got a very nice certificate with a sticker. On closer inspection, though, the sticker was not a typical reward sticker-- it's for Rusteze Bumper Ointment. Cute, huh? Harry's teacher was a 17 year-old boy.)

Here's a slghtly more pleasant version

And an ugly one

The thing is, if you have met Jack, you know that he has expressions and emotions. I guess his career as a male model is over before it really began. Unless these are all blue steel.

I took the boys to the zoo again after nap, and I called Ben and said something to the effect of hey you've worked long enough, want to come with us? And he was all, okay, and he DID! (But he goes to work at the crack of dawn, so really, he had already worked a full day). This is the shark mask Harry wanted (and we were all too happy to get him because--really.)

These make me laugh

A really nice woman offered to take a picture of all of us.

I really like putting him in the most mismatched jammies I can find. Weird, huh? Also, he's getting so skinny-- only his round cheeks, chubby feet, and fat rolls above his knees to remind me he's a baby (and his diaper, which lately contains man-like poop).

This noise coming out of this gaping hole? It is as loud as you fear it might be.

Look at their cute little fists! I think they were actually playing.

Or maybe Jack was trying feebly to save himself. Either way-- nobody was crying, so I stayed out of it.

Even though Harry has told me fifty thousand times that he wants to be a witch, a goblin, or the Statue of Liberty for Halloween (and one time, he even told me that in a very agitated tone as I was ordering his Halloween costume online), he's going to be a monkey, and Jack is his banana-- cute, huh? Uncle Jon is coming to visit this weekend with some Statue stuff for Harry, so I'll get a picture of him perched on his toy box with his arm held high, but you'll all have to imagine him saying, "Statue of Liberty Harry" and "Statue of Liberty Me," which is much cuter in person. Like Jack.


  1. You guys are an adorable family!!! I love the shark mask, I couldn't have passed that one up either. We've got the man-like poop going on here too. I've never seen anyone eat so much fruit. But I'm not standing in his way! (except when he steals grapes straight from the vegetable drawer)

  2. First, I think dinosaurs and snowmen go together! You know they like to play together and all!
    Second, I love the pictures of Ben with the mask on - It matched his outfit perfectly :)
    Finally, you don't look that bad when you wake up. I know I am not the only one who wakes up a lot worse!