Sunday, August 24, 2008


On our way to Target for light bulbs and 2% milk, we saw this in the sky and decided to chase it because I have always wanted to see one land, and Ben thought he knew where these things come down around here.

And also, you know, for the sake of poetry to offset the daily prose.

Harry's best hot air balloon chasing face.

It kept getting farther away no matter how many winding country roads we dashed down.

Harry called the balloon gorgeous, and he has been talking about how we chased it but it bisadeered (disappeared) out his window.

This week, no time for even the most prosaic of existences. More like a slapdash haiku. I am working (gasp) full time to train my TAs, and well be using not one but 2 nannies-- one on campus so Jack can eat straight from the tap whenever he wants. Ya'll should see my office (which is buried in textbooks at the moment)-- there's a cute little kid corner with a rug and toys and a chalkboard.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! It sounds like it will be a great arrangement.

  2. Glad you got something worked out so Jack would be happy!

    And I bet Harry would love my part of the world in October if he loves hot air balloons!

  3. Hey Sarah--thanks again for the boxes from those aforementioned textbooks! They were super-useful in helping me move my office (*grumble*grumble*).

    And it just finally occurred to me today that you're in charge of CA100, yeah? That's super-awesome--I'm sure all of the TAs love you.

    Thanks again for the boxes!

  4. how exciting to see that hot air balloon! so cool!

    I hope Jack's digging this new arrangement. :-)