Sunday, August 03, 2008

It Runs in the Family

Those are Jack and Lucy's tiny legs and toes taking a dip in the wading pool on Saturday.

On our way to St. Chuck's for Grandpa Dennis' 58th birthday, Harry fell asleep like this, and I said, "Ahhh, he fell asleep clutching his hose," to which Ben replied, "And that thing that shoots water."
Then we called the grandparents to let them know we were an hour away, and Ben said, "Yeah, Harry fell asleep clutching his hose," to which his father replied, "That sounds personal."

Yes, Ben and Harry are both wearing khakis, orange polos, and Nikes. I couldn't help myself.

Jack was considerably less fun at the park.

Harry, Max, Jack, and Lucy all enjoyed a little pool time

If only we also had some monkeys or puppies or something-- this picture might have been easier to take.

How cute-- especially since Lucy and Jack look so much like Jen and Ben!

Jack looks like he so does not trust me--probaby because he knows these nudie pics will just end up on the internet. You should see his MySpace.

Grandpa opening his gifts,

including this gun. Ha ha, neighbors who don't heed the HOA fence regulations-- look out! Also, barking dogs and rabbits, consider this your notice.

Harry was ready and waiting to blow out the candles and spit all over the cake.

Why Sarah, is that you, standing on the fringes of the group and drinking a beer in broad daylight? How very unlike you.

Jack came home and spent some time working out in his gym,

while Harry vied for the title of Weirdest Toddler in the World. Here he is clutching some plastic friends-- a Jody Davis figurine, a pig with lots of nipples whose name is Tape, and a dog he calls Becky.


  1. Very cute pictures! Two pools looked like a great idea too!

  2. Love the leg pictures!!! Makes me realize how non-babyish Charlie's legs are! Looks like a great trip!