Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wagon Train

Happy 4th! Have any exciting plans? We are barbecuing because that is a law here, and we wouldn't want to break the law. I am off soon to pruchase large amounts of "salads" that aren't good for us because consumption of them is also, sadly, a law. Or maybe a moral imperative-- not sure.

Did y'all know that Nicole Richie is pregnant? I don't know why I care about this, but I do. Sometimes I wonder how smart I would be or how much faster I could complete my dissertation without all this useless crap taking up room in my brain. But, if I weren't obsessed with celebrity gossip, I'd surely waste time with something else. Indian head pennies? Matchbox cars? Taxidermy? And besides, there's not that much room in there. I only found out last week that Christina Aguilera is pregnant, and she's SHOWING already.

In lieu of a coherent segue, here are some pictures of Harry in his wagon. After dinner every night, we take a ride to work out the after-dinner crabbies-- his and ours. Harry likes the wagon because he can see better-- no stroller canopy blinder, you know. He also waves like crazy at everybody he sees-- a full body wave whose sheer adorableness catches us off guard and makes us a little light-headed with love. It's the teeth-- when he smiles so huge that we can see his top teeth and the improbable fat wrinkle in the middle of his forehead while he''s shaking his chubby little hands and forearms so hard that they're blurry-- that's what turns us into mommy and daddy jello. That and our Wisconsin flab.

The After-Dinner Crabbies

Walking Them Off


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Did you get new highlights? It looks cool. I didn't know Nicole was pregnant, but Ben knew it right away!
    He said that the Baby Daddy is a techno guy

  2. Thank goodness you managed to walk off those crabbies--they looked serious!