Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Miss Mah Baby

A lot. I just saw him for lunch and got all "Well maybe I should just keep him here with me" beause I couldn't untangle the carseat straps in he thousand degree, muggy P-town heat. I may possibly have told my mom I was going to quit my job, and there is even a remote chance that I said the same thing on Ben's voicemail. Now I am cool and dry with a water, a fresh layer of make up, a new hairdo, and a bit of J'Adore body lotion (thanks, Mom). Unlike me to freak out like that, huh?

Some pictures of Harry eating today-- because that's the only time he is still enough to pose for a picture.

He looks tired, and he just woke up-- maybe our walk wore him out.

Here he is messing around while I got dressed.

We went to One World for lunch, where Harry made a huge mess and fed his Uncle Ben, who very politely ate all the food Harry offered. Then Harry kicked him in the balls.

Here's Orville Reddenbacher-- I mean Jon-- he had to work late, but he made it for lunch! And a trip to the Bradley bookstore, for a basketball and a hoodie. The he went back to making his delicious popcorn.


Becca said...

I may have been swearing like a sailor and accidentally let our nice limo driver see up my skirt last time I had to install a carseat. And it was also hot and muggy and we'd been flying all day.

And I threaten to quit my job a bazillion times a day. It's super fun for my husband.

Anonymous said...

as usual, Hary's personality does not come through as wonderfully in pictures as in real life...and yes, Jon does resemble Mr Redenbacher...Bomma

Becca said...

I miss your blog. I hope everything is alright.