Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Miss Mah Baby

A lot. I just saw him for lunch and got all "Well maybe I should just keep him here with me" beause I couldn't untangle the carseat straps in he thousand degree, muggy P-town heat. I may possibly have told my mom I was going to quit my job, and there is even a remote chance that I said the same thing on Ben's voicemail. Now I am cool and dry with a water, a fresh layer of make up, a new hairdo, and a bit of J'Adore body lotion (thanks, Mom). Unlike me to freak out like that, huh?

Some pictures of Harry eating today-- because that's the only time he is still enough to pose for a picture.

He looks tired, and he just woke up-- maybe our walk wore him out.

Here he is messing around while I got dressed.

We went to One World for lunch, where Harry made a huge mess and fed his Uncle Ben, who very politely ate all the food Harry offered. Then Harry kicked him in the balls.

Here's Orville Reddenbacher-- I mean Jon-- he had to work late, but he made it for lunch! And a trip to the Bradley bookstore, for a basketball and a hoodie. The he went back to making his delicious popcorn.


  1. I may have been swearing like a sailor and accidentally let our nice limo driver see up my skirt last time I had to install a carseat. And it was also hot and muggy and we'd been flying all day.

    And I threaten to quit my job a bazillion times a day. It's super fun for my husband.

  2. Anonymous6:45 AM

    as usual, Hary's personality does not come through as wonderfully in pictures as in real life...and yes, Jon does resemble Mr Redenbacher...Bomma

  3. I miss your blog. I hope everything is alright.