Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Life of the Mind?

Whoever called my job that is crazy. Or always bored.

Seriously, I am at Panera, and I am faced with 2 mind-numbingly boring choices: construct a bibliography using the world's slowest wifi (clogged with pastry and shrieking kids, perhaps?) to google publisher information that I forgot to freaking cut and paste the other freaking day or label archival documents, so that next time I drop them all over the freaking floor, I am not reduced to hysterical tears.

So I choose...neither. Hang on-- let me look through my iPhotos and see if there are any you haven't seen yet...



  1. Hysterical tears for you too? And also Panera? LUCKY! I study at a local coffee shop (or three) but they aren't nearly as tasty. If I lived where you did you would probably bump into me buying cookies at Panera. And coffee. Lots of coffee. And you would be like "Hey, you got out of jail after you caused a car accident by hurling your laptop out of your moving car? That's great! How's the dissertation going now?"

  2. Anonymous8:44 PM

    It sounds very glamorous and important! Harry looks so good in pink.