Monday, July 02, 2007

Over the River

Thanks a lot, Bomma and Jack, for making the "Drop All Your Food on the Floor and Also Throw Your Cup and Maybe Your Spoons and Point and Say 'This!' in Increasingly Frantic Tones Until Mommy Picks It All Up and Then Drop and Throw and 'This!' All Over Again" Game THE FUNNEST GAME THAT HAS EVER BEEN PLAYED OR WILL EVER BE PLAYED. EVER.

Harry has always enjoyed a good round of "Drop, Throw, 'This!'" but after his weekend in Iowa, it is the game that never ends. And why should it, really, when it makes Harry ooze joy out of all of his pores and openings?

Bomma and Jack elevated "Drop, Throw, 'This!'" from a tired mealtime bit to high art.

There was tragedy: Bomma holding her head and lamenting, "No, no, no, no!" when Harry used the back of his hand to knock the cup/spoons/banana/bagel/green beans on the floor. There was suspense: Jack (who, as he noted, was cut out of the game soon after it started because his reactions were a tad less energetic than his wife's--story of his freakin' life) asking "Is he going to do it again? I think he's going to do it again! Oh no-- will he do it again?" There was comedy: Harry shrieking with laughter when his great grandparents cried "Oh no!" making silly faces and shaking their fists and heads.

Then Harry started shaking his fists and saying, "No no no," which was totally adorable. Until he figured out what "No" meant outside the context of "Drop, Throw, 'This!'" and started saying it to us. Not funny. He also started playing "Drop, Throw, 'This!'" with renewed vigor, barely getting a bite of food in his mouth before he starts dropping-- and it used to be an end-of-meal game. Not funny. Or about as funny as teaching your dog to crap in your husband's shoe, which is to say pretty funny but a pain in the ass to clean up.
Playing at home, without the aid of THE FUNNEST PEOPLE HE KNOWS

But look! He cleans up his own mess

Here we are in the car-- Harry, Harry's chins, me, and Ben

To pass the time, Harry played a rousing game of on and off with his sunglasses

At Bomma and Jack's, he discovered his true musical genius. Doesn't it look like he's reading the music?

Anyone who has heard my extraordinary singing voice can imagine how Harry's piano playing sounded. He had enough strength in his teeny widdle hands, though, to play one-fingered, as opposed to mashing the keys with his fat fistss, like I do.

Just like riding a bike. "Heart and Soul" never sounded so good.

A somersault-- Harry's new thing-- a sidenote: Wikipedia calls somersault an acrobatic feat-- really? Is it really a feat?

I don't remember what this was, but Harry really liked playing with it

Having some floor Cheerios at the hotel

Oh my gosh! Trash! and a Plastic Bag!

Harry does the crossword in pen-- he's that good

With his other cousin Max, who is verrrrrrry patient and taught Harry how to put together a miniature samovar

Saying bye. Tune in tomorrow for a swimming lessons pictures and a Planty update!

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  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    It looks like everyone had a good time! Mom and Dad, you guys look great in the pictures! I am sure you can amuse yourselves for some time to come picking little dried souvenirs of your great grandson's visit from odd places in the house!