Friday, July 13, 2007

Having a Ball: Feminism Friday

Hey, Look! Some cute pictures of Harry! Mostly to distract me from the annoying story on the Today Show! About staying home with your kids instead of going to work! And what a surprise! They are only asking MOMS about this "choice"! Not dads at all! Because men can't stay home with kids, you freaking idiot! It's not in their nature!

And in case the exclamation points hid my extreme sarcasm, let me just say that I, of course, think the nature argument is bunk. Nothing about my genetic make up makes me uniquely suited for diaper duty.

But Sarah! You have boobs! Boobs that make milk! What more needs to be said?!

You know what does make more women stay home than men? The fact that we still make 75 cents to the dollar. And the fact that the ideal worker is imagined in our social consciousness as a childless man-- or maybe a man who has kids that are safely tucked away at home with the wife-- in any case, a worker with a family that is NOT THE CONCERN OF THE WORKPLACE. And the ideology of intensive mothering that makes us think that only moms can care for kids-- an ideology that governs both private and public practice. And what about dolls and play kitchens? Ya think they play a role in the socialization of girls?


So, Natalie Morales, ask a few MEN if they'd rather work or stay home, why doncha. Not the same kind of loaded question, huh? And who wouldn't want to hang with their kids? Especially kids as adorable and smooshable as Harry. Damn people who want silly things like cars! And houses! And FOOD!

and pedicures and spa days and date nights and designer bags and vacations and computers and tivo...

Hey! Back to Harry! In his jammies!

And looking like a teeny little fraternity boy

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  1. That segment bugged me too. I was screaming "DUH!!!" at the TV because they went over the same. dumb. points. as always. (Pointless points? Is that possible?) And once again refused to address the real issues (in addition to what you pointed out, once you have more than one child childcare gets so expensive that it barely makes sense to go to work at all, unless you are a neurosurgeon, which you're probably not because if you were then you were working your ass off as a resident during your childbearing years).