Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Camp Update for Ben

First of all, I couldn't be a WOHM right now because being away from Harry from 8:30-5-ish SUCKS. So happy I will always have flexibility. Yes. School for eleven or twelve years for flexibility.

Second of all, Harry is adorable, and he misses his Daddy.

Third, I forgot my power cord, so this may be brief.

Fourth, I heart Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Harry with his Garndma on Saturday afternoon-- he is covered from eyebrow to diaper in the remains of a watermelon snow cone, by the way.

Harry experimenting with these newfangled things called "dishes." Note: Dishes are MESSY.

Harry and Ben came with to the the staff meeting/brunch I had on Sunday morning, and here they are enjoying each other's company. Also, baskets rule.

Harry hanging out at the library with me on Monday night-- he is not library appropriate, but he is play-outside-the-library appropriate.

After bath, a lotioned-up Harry avoided the dread Clean Pants by scampering around the upstairs with my wristlet.

Someday, he will take issue with these pictures being posted online, huh?


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Thanks Sarah,

    Adorable as always.

    Love ya...and him...give him a big kiss from me.


    PS--Been sleepin' great.

  2. Anonymous6:42 AM

    we so enjoy all the blog entries, but have run out of superlatives to describe your addition...please keep them coming....Bomma and Grandpa Jack