Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Camp Update for Ben

First of all, I couldn't be a WOHM right now because being away from Harry from 8:30-5-ish SUCKS. So happy I will always have flexibility. Yes. School for eleven or twelve years for flexibility.

Second of all, Harry is adorable, and he misses his Daddy.

Third, I forgot my power cord, so this may be brief.

Fourth, I heart Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Harry with his Garndma on Saturday afternoon-- he is covered from eyebrow to diaper in the remains of a watermelon snow cone, by the way.

Harry experimenting with these newfangled things called "dishes." Note: Dishes are MESSY.

Harry and Ben came with to the the staff meeting/brunch I had on Sunday morning, and here they are enjoying each other's company. Also, baskets rule.

Harry hanging out at the library with me on Monday night-- he is not library appropriate, but he is play-outside-the-library appropriate.

After bath, a lotioned-up Harry avoided the dread Clean Pants by scampering around the upstairs with my wristlet.

Someday, he will take issue with these pictures being posted online, huh?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah,

Adorable as always.

Love ya...and him...give him a big kiss from me.


PS--Been sleepin' great.

Anonymous said...

we so enjoy all the blog entries, but have run out of superlatives to describe your addition...please keep them coming....Bomma and Grandpa Jack