Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Still Miss Him

But speech camp is almost over, and then I will have all the Harry I want 24/7. Ahhh, and to think that only a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't wait to get a break.

Clearly, Harry has learned some new cleaning skills, which will help us all at home, since we have, in fact, lost our cleaning lady. Scandal. Who will clean our toilets and mop our floors now? Harryella, of course. Cinderharry? Not sure.

Yes, he actually is eating a powdered donut. I have nothing to say except he liked it and at least it isn't a cheese poof. Or a second ice cream sundae. Or one of easily 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies. Yes, he ate all of those things and also chicken strips. And he helps himself to cookies now, if they are within his reach, which is cute and also annoying since he is quite grabby, and I love cookies, too.

Let's see. What else? While I have been helping high school orators solve the problems of the world (and while I've been spending hundreds of dollars in vending machines, at coffee shops, and by eating everywhere except the cafeteria where my food is free-- oh and get this-- today, I actually want to use my meal card to have dinner with my kiddies, and I can't find it, I think because overzealous Harryella threw it the eff away), Harry has gotten a new hair cut at his grandpa's favorite barber shop, has gotten about a million new toys and some cute little outfits, has eaten a pluot (half plum half apricot, which should be called a plapricot or a plumicot, duh)which looked like it bled all over him because it's really red and fleshy, and has learned how to give and blow some really cute kisses. He's also working on his 7th tooth, which is on the bottom right and has been really slow to poke through the surface, resulting in some really fun nights.

Also? He lurves the sprinkler, which he calls the round and round.

He learned how to unscrew caps, a skill he demonstrated on a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and he says water bottle, which may be his funniest word to date because it sounds like he's yelling when he says it.

Sorry so long no blog-- I have been busy at camp solving high school dramas! Oh, the dramas...


  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    thank goodness you sent a new blog entry--I've needed a Harry fix...he's such a little boy now and Grandma and Grandpa will be lost without him...Bomma

  2. So glad you are back! And with adorable pictures! And how fortunate you were able to find a new housekeeper so fast! And one you can pay in cookies no less!