Monday, May 21, 2007

X Marks the Spot

Friday, in my mailbox at my office, I got a document addressed just to me. Those of you with real jobs (aka jobs that pay you with lots of money, not just book learnin' and spare change) are probably thinking, "So? How is this bloogworthy? Oh, wait, you're the queen of the mundane. Totally forgot." But I share a mailbox (and an office and a phone and an ancient Dell and about a thousand grimy old books on grimy metal book shelves) with five people, see, so mail addressed JUST TO ME is really cool, espeically when it's from someone other than the TA union asking for more money to higher slightly less ineffective bargainers or telling me to go on strike (which totally happened way back in '04) and when it's not a rejection letter from a journal. This document even included a Post-It note with an extra special just-to-me tidbit-- and this is where the title of my post comes in (clever me)-- because the Post-It asked for my signature and said "Thanx." What's the point of thanks with an x?

I ask this as a former thanks with an x writer. (In high school forensics, if you were double-entered in a round, the cool thing to do was to go into the classroom before the round began and scrawl "D. E. Be Back ASAP. Thanx!!!") Is the "k" too time consuming? Can she not make her "s"es? What is the writer doing with her extra 3 seconds? I'd have a toaster struedel, but that's because I really like breakfast.. That's what I've been thinking about-- see how brilliant I am-- just give me that PhD this minute, I say.

Here's what Harry's been thinking about:

How do I get out of here?

Is this thing safe?

Who took the dangerous chemicals out of this cupboard?

Can I make more of a mess while my very busy and important mother is on her conference call****?

****Hey all you Bradley speech lurkers-- get excited about the Norton tournament and our ginormous Alumni reunion this November-- first weekend in November-- see you in Peoria?

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