Friday, May 04, 2007

Do You Have a Tongue? Harry Has a Tongue, and it Is Awesome. Can Harry Touch Your Tongue? Please? Can He Please? Harry Loves Tongues.

Harry's amazing new tongue. New to him, anyway.

Harry's amazing new trick: scampering away mid-diaper change. By scampering I, of course, mean crawling. When he's all unsnapped like this (which is often), Ben says he looks like a lady baby. Can't you just picture them? The fighting Lady Babies. Not as tough as the Babies, the boys' team, but still gobbling up those Title IX resources just the same.

This is his "yo," face. As in, "Yo, come here and play with me."

Aah, the swings. Always delightful.

Harry's a little zombie baby who must grab camera. Must grab camera. Must grab-- you get my drift

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