Monday, May 28, 2007

Look! It's Our Feet!

We have had a lovely, relaxing weekend-- chilling on campus, buying tons of crap for our camping trip next week, going to the zoo. We barbequed tonight (by we I mean Ben) -- and while Harry hated his burger, he did eat a turkey and cheese sandwhich for lunch-- he even liked mustard. For some reason, watching him eat the sandwhich made me realize how big he's getting-- not the cruising and standing and stepping, or the out-grown shoes, or the expanding vocabulary.

Yes, Mom, I'm still breastfeeding. But check him out-- artificial milk straight from the can-- ha!

And he eats minnows

He's also wayyyy too cool to hang out with his parents. Seriously, what if he sees someone he knows.

In all, an exhausting day on Library Mall. And for real, people, he drank a bottle and found the empty can in my bag-- we're not that lazy.

Harry's new kicks

And a better view of his whole ensemble

I'm pretty sure this lion posed just for me.

Goat. Pig. And the beginning of a petting zoo era. Quick! Somebody pass me a Chanel-soaked hankie.

How cute is this?

According to some drunk smelling guy, the ostrich just laid this egg like 15 minutes ago. I have no idea if that's true, but check out the big egg.

Guarded by this guy

Harry used Ben's shoulders as a table on which to enjoy his animal crackers

Little baby feeties

Traveling incognito

Practicing for Dancing With the Stars

Harry's new thing: give him a wipe or a paper towel, and he'll "clean" something. Here he is wiping the screen door.


  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    You are going CAMPING next weekend???? Wow, motherhood has changed you!!!

  2. Ha! In cabins with a restaurant-- camping may be too strong a word

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Now that's the Sarah I know!