Monday, December 13, 2021

Randoms on a Monday

 All right, friends. In the shadow of Omicron, I filled out an electronic form saying that Dorothy and Cooper will attend in-person school second semester, and I am nervous. BUT! We have said all along that they need to be vaccinated to go back, and now they are, so... They are fully vaccinated today, in fact.

But for real: WHO WILL PLAY WITH MY BABY WHILE THEY ARE AT SCHOOL? She is going to miss them sooooooo much.

As you can see, I am super boring

I might be late to this party, but Weleda Skin Food is the BEST moisturizer ever. I use in on my cuticles, my rough heels, and my FACE. You heard it here last!

... Aaaaand here's Harry practicing his oratory in his Comfy.

I am trying to wrap up my semester this week, so I am more stressed than usual, which is saying a lot in COVID times. I am also looking for fun resolutions to add to my 22 for 2022 list if anyone has good ideas. Also! Any books I absolutely must read before the year is up?


  1. Harry is TALL!

    I was obsessed with Cloud Cuckoo Land and also Piranesi...

  2. I think we have kiddos around the same ages (mine are 14, 8, 5, and 2). My three oldest are fully vaccinated, yay for that! My five year old was a direct contact to a positive student right before Thanksgiving, literally two days after getting the first shot. My eight year old was a direct contact two days after that (insert aggravated meh face here). They got their second shot on Dec. 4th and I just got the call this morning AS I WAS BACKING OUT OF THE DRIVEWAY TO BRING THEM TO SCHOOL that my eight year old is a direct contact again. In our district your options are to send them to school and they get Covid tested each morning and you wait to see if they are negative and can stay at school FOR SEVEN DAYS. Or, they quarantine at home for 7 days with a Covid test on the fifth day from contact. OR, they quarantine for 10 days and they do not need to be tested unless they show symptoms. I'm in MA, by the way. It's super frustrating because there is no set process when you have multiple children. The school says to consult your pedi and the pedi tells you to do what you feel is best. So then it's a mental and karmic struggle put on the parent! For me, there was basically no question. Once they called about my 8 year old, I picked up my other two kiddos of school age and everyone went for a Covid test before returning to school. I couldn't in good conscious leave them in school not knowing if they were negative or positive. Anyway! That's the end of my rant. Off to family Covid testing again, happy holidays to me!