Monday, December 06, 2021

Eight Crazy Nights: The Conclusion

Night 5: VIDEO GAMES, always a huge hit. But Harry and Jack got controllers, which, while necessary, are less exciting.
Night 6: BLANKETS! Made less lame (no really) by the fact that it was also movie night, a night when you really need the perfect blanket.
Night 7: Random things we knew everyone would like.

Baby Uggs for Minnie, who loves shoes

A jewelry box with a charm bracelet and birthstone ring for Dorothy
New skates for Cooper and really awesome roller skate covers so he can get dressed at home and motor on into the rink
A football card hobby box for Harry
A movie theater Harry Potter poster for Jack (and a Hogwarts dessert cookbook that we are both excited about)
Minnie checking out the skate covers
We had latkes on night 7, and Ben ore gloves to flip them so he wouldn;t burn the hair off his hands for a change.
The last night is my very favorite-- sibling gift exchange night. They draw names out of a hat and then shop (with our money of course) for whomever they drew. 

Cooper bought Harry some UW stuff.

Harry got Jack Packers and UW apparel:

Minnie got Cooper some rockets to launch and some clothes that actually fit him (weird, right-- that's so not his usual aesthetic).
Jack got Dorothy roller skates.
Dorothy got Minnie a book and a dolly
Everyone loved their gifts, and they adored the buying and wrapping process even more.
We'll miss Hanukkah.
Also! I made these gingerbread bars, and Minnie hijacked mine-- so delish!


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  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Oh, hey, long time reader here (since before 2011) and I wanted to just say the word “lame” is thought by more and more people to be a slur against disabled people. Here’s a source ( and if you Google “lame” and “slur” many articles will come up about it. You used lame to describe some blankets as Hanukkah presents made less lame because it was movie night… that word can be very hurtful to people with disabilities and special needs.