Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Cocoa, etc

 Cooper is OBSESSED with creating the perfect cup of hot chocolate. He prefers mint chocolate and right now likes the Good and Gather brand from Target the best. He very seriously heats his milk in the microwave. While it is heating, he puts marshmallows in his cup. Then he adds the cocoa powder to the milk (in a glass measuring cup), stir, and pours it over the mallows. Next, he loads on the whipped cream, and, finally, he dabs on some chocolate syrup. In a perfect world, he would use a candy cane as a stir stick, be we have a problem keeping candy canes stocked in this house.

He makes this beverage at least once a day, and I order several boxes of hot chocolate a week form Target (in addition to the k-cup hot chocolate we have on our subscribe and save because Jack has a mini Keurig in his room just for cocoa purposes. Dorothy prefers stovetop hot chocolate or Starbucks, and Harry just throws chocolate milk in coffee like Ben and me).

Minnie's new thing is eating her Cheerios in a bowl with milk like an actual human being. It's pretty fun to watch.

She also really likes to color on big paper

At almost 16 months, her morning nap in the stroller is still going strong, but it has been so cold the last few days that we have had to do double fleece suits-- she has a pink one underneath this red one and is so delightfully stuffed

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  1. Jack having a bedside cocoa maker is about the most Elf-ish thing I've ever heard and it is DELIGHTFUL!