Thursday, December 02, 2021

8 Crazy Nights: Halfway There!

 Phew! We have a TON going on, and it's hard to squeeze in sundown candles and presents. So, here's a quick Hanukkah update.

Night 1:


Dorothy got the 2 retro boxed sets of the Babysitters Club books that match the 2 Netflix seasons of the (excellent) reboot. I was SO EXCITED to give these to her because she adores the graphic novels, and I have missed the vintage books so much. They are exactly the same ones I read, and I love them as much as she does.
Harry got 2 Beckett subscriptions because that's what he reads.
Cooper got a bunch of nonfiction because, again, that's what he reads.
Jack is into both John Green and D&D, so he got both
Minnie is a Grumpy Monkey, so we bought her that and a first ladies board book. SHE LOVES BOOKS and was delighted with her night 1.
Night 2: 


(Hanukkah is genius for getting all of the so/so presents out of the way early in the season. But really? THEY LOVED CLOTHES NIGHT)

Night 3: 


Night 4:


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  1. Happy Hanukkah! I love your theme nights so much (and I'm jealous that Dorothy loves the OG books, my girls are way more into the graphic novel versions despite having almost my ENTIRE original collection at their disposal)