Monday, December 27, 2021

Ho ho ho: A brief recap

 Hi! Long time no blog! I have even less time to myself when I am not working because I don't even get to go to work! Gah!

We had the best time this past week though-- so much baking and cooking and eating and reveling.

Want to see some pictures? I BET YOU DO:

How to prepare for guests in 2021:

Best outfit ever?
Family gingerbread house contest

Dorothy and I could not even get our roof to stay on.
Ben and Coop made a perfect house
Jack and Dennis. Ooops.
Harry and Karen
And then Jack just ate frosting out of a can
Group pic
Apropos of nothing: Minnie subscribes to a magazine, and it is the cutest.
This was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it doesn't fold up, and we could not put it under the tree. In fact, it had to be built in the room it will live in.
Christmas Eve!
Minnie adored seeing people besides us.
Xmas Eve movie night featured a high stakes, very gluttonous Yankee swap treat exchange.
But then we all shared anyway
I made them change into their Christmas jammies after they ate
Santa brings stocking to their bedrooms, and then they all get together and compare
Minnie woke up early and opened hers with us
An excellent mug
Love this hat
And then we spent literal HOURS opening gifts and eating rolls. It was terrific.

And now? ALL SIGNS OF CHRISTMAS HAVE VANISHED and there is glorious blank space.

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  1. I spotted Minnie's new cleaning tools and lol'ed because my great nephew, Cyrus, got a mini Dyson for Christmas and has done nothing but vacuum the floor since then. I've warned his mum that this "I love cleaning" stage will not last :-)

    PS - Thank you for the Christmas card!!!