Friday, December 03, 2021

Ok, but this one is about my period, so maybe skip it?

 YOU GUYS. I have had my period for FIFTEEN DAYS as of this writing. On day 13, I called my OB's office, and my midwife was like yeah that sucks. Call back in a couple of weeks. And I was like ok. But then I hung up and thought for a second and was like what? So on day 14, I called the office back and asked to be seen. Honestly? They seemed kind of surprised to hear from me again and even more surprised that I was concerned enough to come in and WHAT? Who are all of these people who are like oh, cool. A 2-week long period that is showing no sign of stopping? I guess that's just my life now.


I saw someone yesterday, and I have 2 more appointments coming up, including one for a terrifying procedure that I have scheduled time to worry about, and that time is not right now.

In the meantime. HOW CAN I MAKE MY PERIOD GO AWAY? Has this happened to any of you? What the heck did you do about it? Mini-pill? Ibuprofen around the clock? Something else?

(Karmically, I know this is all my fault because it was late this month and I was like OMG I REALLY NEED MY PERIOD, and then my period was like oh you need me? I WILL BE HERE FOREVER).**

Baby pic for funsies:

** Not pregnant/was not pregnant, so it's not an early miscarriage. which I definitely suspected.


  1. You're the second person who's mentioned this lately. I wonder if it's perimenopausal related? No advice on how to stop it except that I'm in a facebook group of younger, hipper women than me and when they need theirs to end sooner there's apparently a fool proof method involving the shower, a little "me time," and blowing their noses. Enough people mention it that it feels like there might be merit?

    And when I had my IUD I NEVER had a period, FWIW

  2. Nexplanon. Under your skin in upper part of your arm. Haven’t had a period in over 2 years.