Sunday, December 19, 2021

Pre-Christmas Photo Dump

 Look at that smile! All she needs is a piece of paper taped to the wall!

Sisters reading. Cooper actually spied this moment and ran to get my phone to take a pic-- even he thought it was adorable.
Minnie is happiest looking at a book or having someone read to her.
Dress up day for virtual school-- super hero day. Dorothy was SUPER SPARKLE GIRL
Last! Day! Of! School!
Yes, I did Amazon Prime 5 boxes of Whole Foods truffles. WHY WOULDN'T I?
I cleaned my office! First time all semester.
Minnie eating cereal like a person is my very favorite.
UGLIER THAN USUAL. But also more delicious than usual.
Studious baby
Little elfie.
Minnie loves to scream at Alexa until we magically intuit what song she'd like to listen to.

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