Monday, July 27, 2020

Still living the pandemic life

Hey Sarah, do you guys do anything but go to the pool?

You know what, we actually DO NOT.

We go every darn morning when the place is almost empty and we see the same families, and that is basically all we do because GLOBAL PANDEMIC.  We do not go evenings or weekends because I'd rather be around the stay-at-home/work-from-home crowd.

We get pizza every 10 days or so. I got 3/4 of the kids Culvers through the app one dday. The boys all play modified baseball (no games; running to cones to stay 6 feet away from the basemen; no catchers; lots of practice drills; masks and 10 feet between players except for the 6-foot base-running). This is Jack's final week of dive practice. Harry has been seeing 3 neighborhood friends whose parents are hardcore like us, but we are making him take a break before the baby.

We still don't go inside any stores. We do not eat at restaurants (even outside). I pick up my library books curbside even though you can technically go in.

We go for lots of walks.

It's pretty cozy, if I am being honest, but the kids are getting sick of each other.

We are thinking of investing in some cross-country ski gear for winter, and we are finishing the rest of the unfinished part of our basement to make an office with a comfy desk and chair for an adult, and a counter-height desk with stools for the kids, plus a TV and pull-out couch. This is a lot to cram in what will ultimately be a small room, but we are excited for more workspace. I wish we had thought of this/realized the need for it in APRIL, but we hope it will be finished before the first quarter of virtual school is over.

I feel like we are much more locked down than most people we know, but, you know, BABY.

What about you? Still living the pandemic life, or have you loosened up?


  1. Im still living the pandemic life because both my stepdad and I are high risk. I have been in my car once since March and that only happened because my Mom’s failure to plan created an “emergency” for me. I never left my car so I just realized my feet haven’t touched any property that I don’t own in 4 months. Insanity.

  2. We've loosened. We've gone to Pekin, but only see our parents and sisters (and my grandma through her window at her assisted living home!). We have a few friends we are ok visiting with, but our circle is small (though it looks bigger because, Catholic, so lots of people, but few families). It's all hard. Making the choice to broaden our circle was hard. Letting the kids play outside with friends was hard. But, our area is still strict with masks and social distancing and I rarely see people with no masks. However, we aren't traveling anywhere besides visits to Pekin.

  3. I love your blog and the frequent posts SO MUCH- thank you! We are mostly locked down but we’ve gone to the Dr/dentist, we get takeout, we go to the hardware store, and we’ve had friends over in the backyard. Not sure if we should be doing more/less.