Thursday, July 30, 2020

Elderly Pregnancy Update: Extra Monitoring

When the midwives talked about the extra monitoring I would need at the end of my pregnancy, it sounded very far away. But now, I have N I N E appointments on my calendar between August 5 and August 21. THAT'S AN APPOINTMENT LIKE EVERY OTHER DAY. 

In weeks 38 and 39, I have four appointments a week: 2 NSTs, 1 midwife visit, and 1 ultrasound.

You guys. That's a lot.

I really, really, really hope the baby comes on her own before her due date. If I were seeing an OB, I would likely be induced at 38 weeks. The midwife group will do an induction on my due date assuming all is good during those 2 extra weeks.

I re-read my Hypnobirthing book, and there's this awesome chapter about letting go of all of the pre-birth anxiety and realizing that not all of it comes from the anxiety of childbirth. But for me this time, I think that is EXACTLY where my anxiety is coming from. I really want a gentle, natural birth, but because I am so old, this just might not be the way my birth process unfolds this time, and it's hard to come to grips with this reality.

It has been ridiculously hot here, but then we had an awesome night of rain (see Dorothy dancing in it), and now it is 80 and sunny and peeeeeerfect.

My neighbor is an amazing photographer, and she offered to take some maternity shots.  Yes, PLEASE!
I am running out of clothes that fit me. The kids recently commented that I am always showing a little bit of my stomach, and it's generally true. Nevertheless, I got dressed before 8 am for a midwife appointment:
Even Beatrix is like day-um lady.

The baby is pressing on my organs, and eating hurts (reflux! now I know why babies cry!) But I STILL managed to gain 3 more pounds (for a total of 32!!!). So, yay me?

I really will miss being pregnant, the discomfort of the third trimester and all. We are in the home stretch!!

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