Thursday, July 02, 2020

Halfway 20 for 20 Check In

We are halfway through 2020 today, and may we never see a year as terrible (or more terrible! all less terrible from here, please!) But despite these unprecedented times (such a ridiculous phrase), I need to check in on my 20 for 20 list! Which I forgot all about because PANDEMIC, etc.

1. Add 20 minutes to my exercise routine: I have done this every single day, and it is a huge mood booster. Just 20 little minutes! Who knew?! Check
2. Buy a pair of trendy mom ankle boots: Nope
3.  Read 100 books: I have read 53! I am ahead of schedule! Check
4. Weekly budget meetings/save more: No on the meetings, but YES on the savings. Sort of.
5. Only use reusable grocery bags: Thanks to the pandemic, we only get grocery pick up now. Nope
6. Find a new series for Dorothy and Cooper: We tried Harry Potter, but instead of series, we had more success with single titles. Dorothy has discovered Junie B. Jones and LOVES it. Check
7. 20 meaningful yoga sessions: YES!! Prenatal yoga is a THING that  do on the regular. Check
8. 20 everyday poems. Forgot about this one! Nope
9. 20 lunch dates with friends. I was SO GOOD at this pre-pandemic, and it was a major happiness boost. Someday again, right? Sort of.
10. Stock every room with house plants and keep them alive: WORKING ON IT. Sort of
11. Meditate: Nope.
12. Eat more blueberries, spinach, and walnuts. I forgot all about walnuts! Sort of.
13. Do 2 rounds of Whole 30: I started one and got pregnant, but I may do another post-baby, so I will withhold judgment. Sort of.
14. Drink 75 ounces of water every damn day: I was bad about this is the first trimester, but I am making a comeback. Sort of.
15. Wash the car monthly: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nope.
16. Balance stress with kindness. NOPE.
17. Trade off with Ben so we can each sleep in once a week: This is a good goal, and we should do it for the next few weeks before we have the baby. Nope.
18. Toy purge: DID THIS! When we moved bedrooms! Check.
19. Reduce ;phone screen time. Hard NOPE.
20. Leave earlier for work: Well, the pandemic fixed this right up for me. NOPE.

So that's NINE things I haven't done and of those nine, I MIGHT do #2, #8, #11, #17, and #19

Of the SIX things I have sort of done,  WILL do #4, #10, and #14.

I am unsure on the Whole30. I want to lose weight and work on getting muscles in my upper arms (THEY ARE SKIN AND FAT) after the baby, but I don't know if I am up for Whole30.

What about you? How are the resolutions coming?

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