Thursday, July 23, 2020

Boring old nothings.

I try to take Dorothy on a waddle around the neighborhood every day, and we both basically love it.
 Mostly, though, our days are wonderfully boring.  THE JUMBLE is a highlight, if that tells you anything.
 TG for the pool,
 And this Draper James/Lands End rash guard.
 Jack had a single dive meet this season, and he got his best score ever.
 Parents had to watch through the fence of the pool (not our pool) obvi, but it was still really fun, and he loved it.
 Strange times.

I totally and completely love prepping all my produce on grocery day--- hopefully I have dedicated baby holders in a few weeks, though, because it takes HOURS.

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  1. Or teach the boys how to prep all the produce while you snuggle with the baby