Thursday, July 16, 2020

34 weeks and 2 days: getting ready for pandemic L&D

Cooper reading the paper= my new favorite thing.
 Homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches are a close second.
 Also, I really like after dinner walks.
 Cooper has only been coming to the pool lately for the towel forts.
 We were the only people there yesterday because it was cloudy, which did not bother me a bit.
 Working on a back 1.5

Our country FINALLY requires face masks everywhere in public where you cannot maintain social distance, but especially inside places.  LIKE THE POOL LOCKER ROOM DUH.

I hate that the officials who can't even pick up all the effing SNOW are the ONLY PEOPLE keeping us safe right now.

The lack of coordinated response (in our state, this is 100% caused by Republican partisan politics) to this pandemic makes life and death decisions find themselves in the hands of people WHO SHOULD NOT BE MAKING LIFE AND DEATH DECISIONS. Which is why we are for sure not sending the kids to in-person school in the fall. Also why we literally go NOWHERE but the pool and home. I don't even feel good about running quickly into stores, which is absolutely something I used to do.

And, of course, nothing like a pandemic to make you freak the freak out about GIVING BIRTH IN A HOSPITAL.

Things I asked my midwife about yesterday:

The timing of our state/county surge and how that will affect hospitals in say LATE TO MIDDLE AUGUST: She said that because hospitals prepared so well for a surge that didn't happen in the spring, she thinks they will be prepared to accommodate growing numbers and maintain fairly normal operations. She said right now, the only big changes in L&D are COVID testing for moms and no water birth until the negative results come back (but you can labor in the water, so that's fine-- at our old hospital you couldn't do a water birth at all), no walking the halls (that sucks for me, but she said the rooms are big enough to pace effectively), and only one support person allowed (not a change for me).
What happens to me and the baby if I test positive and she does not: The recommendation is that the baby be moved away from the mom, but they let you make your own choice. If you keep the baby with you, they recommend masks all the time, 6 feet apart except for nursing, etc.
Can the baby stay in the room the whole time: YEP. They will do any essential things right in the room, and I never have to let her out of my sight. My friend suggested I just have them cut the cord last thing before we leave (this made me laugh-cry).
Do I have to be induced at 38 weeks: This is something the sonographer at the perinatal clinic said is standard for someone my age, but you all know me and my no intervention birth preference. The midwife said at 38 weeks, I get twice-a-week monitoring for me and baby, and they really want her out by her due date at the latest. I am starting to psyche myself up for interventions, but really, I just want a no-med water birth.

I really did think about having her at home, but what if something went wrong and I needed to go to the hospital in a less safe way than just checking myself in? I had lots of bleeding after Dorothy, for example, and I would hate to deal with that at home. And Jack needed help right after birth-- would a home midwife be able to do enough? Plus, I am O L D.  Did I mention that?

 34 weeks and 2 days yesterday. Getting silly big.


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    For my second I was 41 years old and induced at exactly 39 weeks due to my age. I was not excited about it, but it went super well and ended in a successful vbac. I think having midwives is key and if you get to that point asking for a gentle induction that utilizes all sorts of options before pitocin. I'm a data person and looked at the studies and it was compelling enough for me to follow their recommendation on that one.

  2. Love that I found this blog! Pregnant with my third and also considered a home birth....something I would NEVER have even dreamed of with my other two (I eagerly got an epidural with both). From what I could find the risks of a home birth—particularly because my babies are always huge—seemed to outweigh the risks of getting exposed in a hospital that isn’t overrun. Might change my mind if our area peaks again but will see! Good luck!!

  3. No matter what your decision, you will have doubts - but you need to remember you have done this before!!! Trust your instincts as they have not led you wrong!!