Monday, July 13, 2020

Pandemic Shopping: A Pearl Necklace and Other Things I Almost Bought Today

YOU GUYS! EVERY SINGLE DAY is like Christmas because I am buying ALL OF THE THINGS all day long online and then boxes are just showing up on my porch, and I am buying so many things, I forget what I even bought.  IT IS SO FUN.

Recently, though, I have been trying to rein it in just a smidge. I think this has something to do with gathering up all of our tax documents and taking them to the accountant, but I could be wrong. I read that the best way to subdue the internet shopping urge is to pretend to buy the stuff but just don't actually check out your cart. Just let your preshus linger unclaimed in the basket. (HOLD ME BECAUSE I THINK I MIGHT CRY).

SO, tl;dr, I make carts and don't actually push "buy." It's a thing I am trying that probably won't last long.

In today's unclaimed carts (all items that I love and will probably buy because I can't change who I am for the tax man, you guys):

1. This gorg pearl necklace from AU-rate:
Au-rate pearl necklace

2. This ridiculous baby romper that reminded me of my Pekin grandparents' outdoor furniture:
Spearmint baby romper
3. Bassinet sheets, which actually I really do have to buy and SOON:
halo bassinet sheets
4.  This Rothy's tote bag, which I really think would make the best diaper bag in the universe. BUT WHERE AM I EVER GOING WITH THE BABY?!?
rothy's tote
5.  This light fixture that does not suck to replace the one over my kitchen table that DOES in fact suck.
lowe's light fixture

6. This adorable initial necklace from Anthro. Would have bought it, but I could not decide if I should get my initial or the baby's

anthro initial necklace

How's that for an insanely eclectic non-shopping list, huh?  (Things I DID buy on the interwebs today include a Junie B. Jones box set, some workout clothes for Ben, shirts to replace 2 of Harry's that I accidentally bleached, and a sweatshirt for Jack for the All City dive meet that won't actually happen this summer. AND THAT WAS A LIGHT DAY.

I blame the baby hormones, obvi, and also the complete and utter boredom. You would not believe how many masks are in our laundry room, you guys. BUT THERE ARE SIX OF US, and our county just issued a mask order, so we have to wear them everywhere we go. And OF COURSE I have been filling cart after cart with large stretchy postpartum clothes because HOW COULD I NOT? I didn't buy any maternity clothes, so I feel like I am due. Pun intended.

A blog search reminds me that I actually always order all of the things right before I have a baby, so hopefully, this is just the last vestiges of nesting rearing their ugly heads. Now that there is nothing left to paint. Except, of course, for the girls' bathroom...

What about you? Any pandemic stop shopping hacks??

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  1. The girls’ bathroom :)

  2. Get the baby's initial and then it can be hers later - for a "big" birthday (Allie got her birthstone necklace at 13 that I received when she was born) or way later when she's an adult.

  3. Morgan2:40 PM

    I was also buying everything I liked while sitting at home, now I have a lot of shoes. Now I just add it to my shopping basket and then if I keep thinking about it after 3 days then I definitely buy it.

  4. I love the pearl necklace - such a classic piece of jewelry that adds a little detail to any outfit!

  5. Veronica Kovach9:58 PM

    love the home goods!

  6. The initial necklace, the pearl necklace and the red bag are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have been shopping a lot during the pandemic too! It is just so fun to have so many packages come to your front door. I love that pearl necklace!